Eligibility Criteria

There are millions of people across the UK who may be eligible for free home energy efficiency improvements.

ECO creates a legal obligation on energy suppliers to improve the energy efficiency of households through the establishment of different targets.

Under ECO funding customers who qualify under the Affordable Warmth Objective can apply for FREE boiler replacement, cavity wall insulation and loft insulation, nationwide.

This scheme is aimed at low income households and offers funding to improve the energy efficiency of properties and reduce energy bills.

Have a look at our eligibility guide below to see if Energy Saviour Ltd can help you.

If you receive Pension Credit or Child Tax Credit (and have a household income of less than £15,860), you will qualify automatically for the free insulation or replacement boiler grant.

If you do not receive either of these benefits, you will need to be in receipt of those benefits listed on the left AND one or more benefits listed on the right.

Automatic qualification

Pension credit

Child Tax Credit (household income must be less than £15,860)

Qualifies with additional component

Additional component

Income support

·         Disabled child premium

·         Disability premium

·         Pension premium

·         Employment support

·         Child under 16

·         Child under 20 (in full time education but not University)

Income based job seekers allowance

Income related employment and support allowance

Working tax credit

·         Over 60 years old

·         Receive disabled worker element

·         Receive severe disability element

·         Child under 16

·         Child under 20 (in full time education but not University)

I do not meet the above criteria

You may still qualify for free insulation or a boiler based on your location. Check your eligibility in the chart below. Alternatively, a Green Deal loan will be available from February 2013 to install a range of energy efficient measures with minimal up front cost.

For those who do not qualify

If you do not qualify for the Affordable Warmth Objective ECO also offers help for Hard to Treat Properties.

For example, a property with narrow cavities which are difficult to insulate could benefit.

As long as a property meets two fundamental requirements:

a) Each elevation of the property must be checked using a boroscope in at least one place

b) If any one wall has a narrow cavity between 40-49mm

The property will qualify for FREE cavity wall and loft insulation under the ECO scheme.