HTT Cavity Wall Insulation

Under the governments Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme there is funding available for eligible customers. The Affordable Warmth Objective (HHCRO) provides help for low income and vulnerable households to improve the energy efficiency of their properties and reduce bills. CERO funding provides help for properties classed as 'hard to treat' such as properties with narrow cavities or those that are 3 storeys plus.

In the past, properties which had 3 or more storeys did not qualify for any energy efficiency funding and were considered Hard to Treat due to the complexities of installing cavity wall insulation at high levels. Due to the high costs involved in the work required, many multiple storey houses have remained untreated. With a lack of sufficient insulation to retain the heat generated in the property, energy is wasted and heating bills are high.

ECO Funding

Under new ECO funding, Hard to Treat properties have been acknowledged as requiring energy efficient upgrades and funding has been made available to provide these measures and ensure that the properties can benefit from reduced heating bills and added warmth. A property is considered Hard to Treat if it is between 3 and 5 storeys (usually town houses or blocks of flats/retirement homes). With 35% of heat lost through the walls of a property, installing cavity wall insulation could save you up to £140* per year on your energy bills. *Energy Saving Trust. In addition many properties eligible for free cavity wall insulation could receive free loft insulation. ESL have access to this funding and are able to arrange both survey and installation.

Am I Eligible?

Energy Saviour Ltd can offer you free Hard To Treat Cavity Wall Insulation after surveying the property subject to eligibility criteria. If you meet the criteria, contact us for the free Cavity Wall Insulation.