Solid Wall Insulation

If your home was built before 1920, its external walls are probably solid rather than cavity walls. Cavity walls are made of two layers with a small gap or ‘cavity’ between them. Solid walls have no such gap, so they let more heat through. Insulating your solid walls could cut your heating costs considerably, because solid walls let through twice as much heat as cavity walls do.

Solid walls can be insulated – either from the inside or the outside. This will cost more than insulating a standard cavity wall, but the savings on your heating bills will be bigger too. A typical saving of £460 can be achieved by Internal Wall Insulation and £490 by External Wall Insulation.

Am I Eligible?

Energy Saviour Ltd can offer you free Solid Wall Insulation after surveying the property subject to eligibility criteria. If you meet the criteria, contact us for the free Solid Wall Insulation.

For more information on Solid Wall Insulation read the reference guide.